The main oncologist of Moscow Igor Katkov elected an honorary member of the American Association of surgeons

the Main oncologist of Moscow, the author’s exclusive minimally invasive surgical technologies Igor Katkov elected an honorary member of the American Association of surgeons. It is the oldest and most prestigious medical organization which includes outstanding surgeons from all over the world. For almost half a century of existence of the Association Igor Katkov became the ninety-ninth.

the Complex patient — the operation will last six hours, but that doctors still don’t know. Present and headset for direct broadcast to the whole world. “Today we have a man with bladder cancer”, surgical intervention is not the first clinic too. The bladder will have to be removed along with the tumor. Calm Igor khat’kova to be envied. The patient confessed:

— I trust him completely. This is a man of high qualifications.

Stream goes directly into a special surgical website — anyone can view. America is already looked. Professor Halikov, chief oncologist of Moscow, elected an honorary member of the Association of surgeons of the United States — the oldest, the most famous of an international organization, founded in 1880. For 140 years its honorary members were only 98 people, including surgeons, scientists from around the world. Igor Katkov — ninety-ninth.

a Daughter and three grandchildren, as they leave? For Marina Ustinova it was a long, difficult operation… Cancer of the pancreas, a tiny organ that is difficult to operate even laparotomies, that is slit, and then as if by intuition — through punctures, fine tools, scissors and needle.

Laparoscopic surgery absolutely bloodless, just outside the trocar. Inside, displayed on the monitor in the picture. What it was on account of the operation, Dr. Katkov, of course, can not remember.

“In terms of, for example, laparoscopic surgeries on the pancreas we have the most experience in Europe. To us many people come to learn,” shared Igor Katkov.

Come, it doctor first in our country operated on the pancreas without cutting, but just looking at the monitor.

In the research center named Loginov given by almost all tumors in the abdominal and lung cavities, head, neck. Surgery is a team work.

outside the window, the scientific center named after Loginova — building. There will be a new high-tech housing. Need to expand the experience requires.