The main secret of true vinaigrette

At 22 may have two celebration meals a Day of salad and fried scallops Day. But if the puddings in Russia cook or professional chefs or Amateurs to Tinker in the kitchen, the salad stuck forever in the homes. Despite the fact that preparing it is not easier than the pudding.

Stories about the origin of the vinaigrette (and the food and the word) are so numerous that it seems like their is always someone comes up and throws in a social network. However, with some texture cannot be ignored, because there is historical evidence.

So, Russian writer of the romantic era (i.e. the mid-nineteenth century), the founder of musicology, and at the same time and a bit of a chemist Prince Vladimir Odoevsky wrote a sauce for vegetable salad, which included French mustard, olive oil, vinegar, salt, sugar and finely chopped (grated) apples.

To the sauce, no complaints. First, options of dozens vinaigrette, and, secondly, every real cook certainly adds to a classic recipe something different and special. One insists on unrefined oil, another seasoned vinaigrette sauce provençale, the third will replace the cucumbers to sauerkraut.

confuses the word lean. Modern vinaigrette no nepolnogo (i.e. meat or milk) of the component.

But odoevskiy knowingly entered into the recipe for this clarification. It turns out that the vinaigrette was added any remaining lunch meat. Ekaterina Avdeeva — author of the famous edition of 1875 “Complete cookbook the experienced Russian housewife or a guide to reducing costs in the household” — was offered two different prescription.

Salad: “From the remnants of every roast you can prepare the vinaigrette, adding fresh or pickled cucumbers, boiled potatoes, beets, hard boiled eggs, scalded mushrooms or mushrooms. Then pour the vinaigrette with the following sauce: depending on the amount of salad, a spoonful of olive oil, two tablespoons vinegar, one hard-boiled egg yolk, a little salt, a teaspoon of mustard, erase everything together well and pour over the vinaigrette. Another drenching for vinaigrette is prepared in this manner: take the milt from two herrings, soaked them first in vinegar and rinse in water, wipe through a sieve, add olive oil, vinegar and mustard, and wash it all together and pour vinaigrette”.

Vinaigrette of fish (at home with unspeca): “Remove filei assigned a vinaigrette fish, cut the top skin and adding melted in a saucepan the butter, put on fire; when filei spasseruyte, that is, turn white, rotate, primepay finally, remove the hot from casserole dish and cool. Fish heads, bones and scraps are folded in a saucepan, pour some water, add salt, put the roots and onion and boil the broth. When he is ready, drain, put a spoonful of vinegar, a few leaves of gelatin, whipped protein, put on fire, to interfere, and when boiled, set aside to light the fire and cook until lanspik will be purified and will be strong enough, then strain the half, chill on ice, and the rest left on the table is not frozen. At the same time cut the peeled cucumbers, pickled fungi, gherkins, put the spoon kapersov, 10 olives, pitted, to put all this into a saucepan, pour 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon vinegar, salt to taste, pepper, to put in ice, pour a few spoons of lanspik and, when it begins to congeal, add again lanspik and chopped herbs, chill completely. Place it in the middle of dishes heaped, without any style, and tough to impose sliced from the rest of lanspik croutons”.

by the Way, if we assume that Ekaterina Avdeeva was familiar with the history of the vinaigrette, it is difficult to consider the extraordinary inventor. CCABenno the second embodiment of dishes. In the book “New perfect Russian cook and a Baker, or a Detailed poverenny dictionary”, published in Moscow in 1792, is a recipe for vinaigrette with herring and anchovies.

And in England, Scandinavia and Germany long before Avdeeva books preparing salads, main components of which were boiled potatoes and beets. In the dish also added pickles (a mixture of pickled vegetables), Apple, grated, eggs, and herring. To fill this salad relied a sauce of butter, grated egg yolk, sour cream and vinegar.

In the Soviet left only a lean version of the vinaigrette. Most likely for the reason that meat and fish at lunch, the workers and peasants of the country ate cleaned (when they got to the table). And the vegetables in the kitchen are not translated.

got this recipe and modern Russian cuisine, although no lover of experiments to produce in the salad meat, squid, herring — anything. Vegetables don’t have to cook, and bake in the oven, each pre-wrapped in foil.

it is Important to observe one rule, blocks shall be of the same size. And, because the salad there is the polka dot, the other components need to “fine-tune” under it, that is crushed to the size of peas.

And remember, a salad can be called only one salad in the dressing which contains four components: salt, black pepper, oil and vinegar.