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The main temple of the Russian Armed forces – message to future generations and a monument to the living and fallen soldiers

The main temple of the Russian Armed forces - message to future generations and a monument to the living and fallen soldiers

on June 14 in Moscow Park “Patriot” Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia performed the rite of consecration of the main temple of the Russian Armed forces. The temple in honor of the Resurrection dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war and the heroic deeds of the Russian people in all wars.

Looking at this truly Grand creation of ecclesiastical architecture, it is hard to believe that a striking temple complex was built in just six years, becoming an expression of the power of the spirit of the country, the great victories of Russian arms and one of the symbols of the millennial Orthodoxy.

Fixed in 95 meters into the sky the main temple of the Russian Armed forces — the third tallest Eastern Orthodox Cathedral in the world after the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow and St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

the rite of the Great consecration and the first divine Liturgy make the Patriarch. “Today, we as a people in the temple Recalling the exploits of our soldiers. Praying for our Fatherland, that the Lord protect our country from enemies foreign and domestic. The Lord has connected our people with the power of faith and love of country. So we were really able to protect the country and to convert life for the better” — said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In unified prayer with the Patriarch — the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu. Thanks to his efforts and personal energy of the temple was erected precisely on time and in full glory. Donated by the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church presents the miraculous image of the virgin Kaplunovskiy. In 1709 Peter the great brought the relic to the camp of the Russian army. Have this icon on my knees the king and his army prayed before the historic battle of Poltava. Today this icon, witness of the Poltava victory, awarded for permanent accommodation here.

In a Golden Shrine at the altar — the face of Christ, which for centuries was depicted on the banners of the Russian army. The main Shrine of the temple, which is the main icon of the Armed forces of Russia — the image of the Saviour. The peculiarity of this Amazireplacement icons that it was written before the boards received from the gun carriage that is lifted from the bottom of the Neva river opposite the house of Peter the great.

the Main icon of the Russian Armed forces created by the personal funds of President Vladimir Putin. And the temple by the decision of the Primate became Patriarchal. The Primate of Moscow has decided to assume the duties of rector of the Cathedral, given the meaning the temple has for the Russian army and Navy.

“I am absolutely sure that everyone who will come here will be reminiscing about past exploits and prepare for the future. I really hope that each of us in the heart of the stored piece of the memory, which value our country, our people. The memory of fathers and grandfathers, who brought victory and commanded to keep the memory of it”, — said Sergey Shoigu.

the Temple can accommodate 6 thousand faithful. There are five thrones and five domes. They are connected to 40 the tracery of stained glass with silhouettes of military orders. From the thrones to the roof – mosaic of the 40 million fragments of smalt. The figures of the defenders of the Fatherland of all ages. They have worked over 500 artists.

the Small temple dedicated to Prince Vladimir. It is decorated with mosaics and ceramics, painted under Gzhel. The floors are cast of brass, with inlays of onyx.

Cathedral — the message to future generations and a monument to the living and fallen soldiers. The proportions of the temple, the encrypted historical characters. The bell tower is 75 meters, the anniversary of the Victory. Drum diameter — 19,45 meters — the year of Victory. 431 a precious stone in the iconostasis — image 431 th infantry divisions of the red Army.

Many heroes of those divisions came today to the opening of the temple of the monument. Among them, veteran, Vladimir Kuts . Among the many friends of the Soviet awards on his jacket, and two combat medals “Purple heart”. The most recognizable and revered American award established by George Washington. The counterpart of the Soviet medal “For courage”. Two “Hearts Doblesti” Vladimir Kuts got for being saved from the Nazis rassledovat allies.

Special place of the temple complex — multimedia gallery “Road memory”. Its length — 1418 steps. Way days and nights of the great Patriotic war. 33 million photos and names of participants in the war succeed each other. At the base of the “Roads of memory” filled the earth. She was brought from all countries where the tombs of Soviet soldiers who died for the liberation of Europe and the world.

Erected to commemorate the Victory and dedicated to the triumph of Russian arms to the temple of the Armed forces praises the Creator on behalf of the soldiers, while remaining a national Church monuments, because the defense of the Russian Fatherland is a feat at any time of earthly existence.

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