The main thing - comfort and safety: Aeroexpress recovers all cancelled flights

“the Aeroexpress train” has resumed flights cancelled due to coronavirus COVID-19. A week ago, the trains began operating to the airport Domodedovo. Now restored movement in the directions of Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo. What remained the same? What new rules you need to follow on a rail?

After the lifting of the isolation regime literally come to life the largest railway junctions in the capital. At the Belarusian station is crowded now. Increased ridership, and with it the security requirements.

with No gaps and limitations now you can go in any direction. To provide a comfortable and healthy ride for passengers — are still the main task of the carrier. This means mandatory implementation of the requirements of the CPS. Thermometry at the entrance, means of individual protection of station staff and passengers. A rule that has not been canceled. Masono-pergatory regime in the capital continues to operate. Social distance in the station building and in the cars. Sanitizer freely available visual information of the citizens and not only. Check on the quality of implementation of sanitary norms and adherence to transport safety on the Railways today conducted the inspectors of rostransnadzora.

“RAID we have combined transportation security. But we note in connection with the request of the President and to ensure the safe transport of transport objects in a mode of normal functioning. We must understand that the passenger must trust the transport. We made sure that the station has done a lot: has all the required information, markings, sanitizer and so on,” — said the Deputy head rostransnadzora Andrey Shnyrev.

Now to get to the city airports quickly. Aeroexpress restores a regular schedule of movement of trains on the Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo areas. Trains between Belorussky railway station and Sheremetyevo airport will again run every half hour from 5:30 to midnight. And a nice bonus — from the 15th of June, the company launched a free Shuttle between the Aeroexpress terminal and a terminal In Sheremetyevo. To get to Vnukovo, you can now also regular schedule, the administration is performed every hour. From the 8th of June in the same rhythm transfer earned and the Domodedovo area.

“All trains, the entire mobile composition three times a day are disinfected with the use of special tools. Trains older version ED4M such processing is carried out using a portable germicidal lamps,” — says the Deputy General Director of “Aeroexpress” Michael Kowalski.

From June 15 “Aeroexpress” not only restores the schedule of trains in full, but also lowers rates. So, the fare now is 300 rubles instead of the usual 500, and the ticket in business class can be purchased for 800 rubles. And by tradition, the staff recommends to use the contactless payment method. It is not only convenient, but first and foremost, safely.