The main thing – the welfare of citizens: Putin announced new measures to support

In July, the citizens of Russia will receive another lump sum payment of 10 thousand rubles for each child under the age of 16. Incentive payments to caseworkers will be extended until mid-September, and the income tax for those who receive more than 5 million rubles per year will increase from 13 to 15 percent to provide additional funds for treatment of children with serious illnesses. This is only part of the initiatives made on 23 June by Vladimir Putin. The President appealed to the Russians to sum up the difficult period in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. And made a number of important, one might even say, the fundamental proposals regarding almost everyone.

Russia was faced with a challenge, which previously has not happened, but a joint concerted effort can win. And this, according to Vladimir Putin, to the credit of the state as a whole and each citizen individually.

“we Have already worked out a mechanism for rapid response. Nobody will be left in the lurch. All Russia will come to help if you need it, all will gather in a fist: the resources of our leading medical centers, armed forces, emergency services and volunteers – as it was in Dagestan, TRANS-Baikal region, in other regions, – said Putin. – We have proved that it is able to solve problems of exceptional difficulty. Our workers, engineers, managers did all that for a few weeks to reconfigure the business to significantly ramp up the production of means of individual protection. And, very importantly, Russia is among few countries in the world managed to establish their own production of effective drugs for the treatment of coronavirus”.

At the forefront of the fight against the epidemic was made by the Russian health care, and the President personally addressed the issue of additional payments to doctors to the salary increase affected every, doctor coronavirus. The money doctors will be able to for another two months.

“the epidemic continues. As well as intensive work in hospitals, Polycomlincah, at the ambulance stations. So, as I said, the decision to extend these payments in July and August. While I want to emphasize: incentive payments and surcharges are not only exempted from taxes but will be taken into account when calculating holiday pay, – said the President. – Such decision is already accepted, which means that the assistants will get higher output, and, regardless of what period of time they leave on vacation”.

“Additional benefits we provide for employees of social agencies, children’s boarding schools, nursing homes, teachers, psychologists, medical staff. They are now working continuously, two-week shifts so as to minimize the risk of transmitting infection and thus to protect the people they have in their care, – continued the head of state. Payments for such experts are awarded for the period from 15 April to 15 July. I also propose to extend for another two months, i.e., until 15 September. And, of course, as health care workers, to take them into account when calculating holiday”.

Russian medicine survived, by increasing the number of specialized beds in hospitals and providing physicians with all necessary, but now it is time to rebuild the industry back to civilian production. For upgrades allocated 500 billion rubles, but there are problems for which the necessary funds in addition to these.

“I would like to comment on a topic that goes far beyond health and is sensitive for the whole society. This treatment, assistance for children with severe, including rare, so-called orphan diseases. Here, there are already relevant Federal and regional programs. However, parents sometimes do not still have other hopes, as the charitable funds or have no other choice, but to raise money for treatment through the Internet, – said the President. – Of course, I want to thank everyone who responds genuinely, genuinely want to thank you, everyone who tries to help. But there must be a systemic government solution. It is necessary to determine a reliable permanent source of funding. Assistance should reach every child, to every family who has faced such trouble.”

Specifically for this Putin offers to revise the scale of taxation, which in Russia has not changed for nearly twenty years. It’s time to slightly increase the tax burden for the rich Russians, and that is the money – about sixty billion target tranches to further guide the treatment and rehabilitation of children.

“the Fact that citizens with different income levels pay the same tax at one rate of 13 per cent at first glance looks even unfair, but when you consider that after the introduction of the flat rate personal income tax, tax collection increased, and increased considerably, and these additional funds the state received the opportunity to direct on the decision of social problems, it becomes clear that justice has absolutely nothing to do with it, – said Putin. – Now with the new quality of administration, the introduction here of digital technology there is now an opportunity to distribute the tax burden more differentially and send additional financial contributions to the solution of specific important social tasks. In this regard, I propose the following: from January 1 next year to change the tax rate on incomes of physical persons from 13 to 15 percent for those who earn over 5 million a year.”

“just to clarify that the increased rate will not be taxed on all income but only the portion that exceeds 5 million a year. But it will give the budget about 60 billion rubles, – said Putin. – These funds offer a paint, experts say, to protect against any other use and appropriately used to guide treatment of children with severe, rare diseases, purchase of expensive medicines, equipment and means of rehabilitationation, conducting high-tech operations”.

Russia, on the recommendations of epidemiologists have developed their own strategy to combat the disease, and an unprecedented system of support measures, and, above all, for the population. Help was already received by all families with children, and now the President is proposing amounts received from the state to double.

“the Economy is in full force still does not work, and unemployment grew. Difficulties have not receded. In this regard, I consider it necessary in July to pay the additional 10 thousand rubles for each child from birth to 16 years. In total, this measure can take advantage of the Russian family, which grows about 28 million children, he said. – Just pay attention: to those who have already received the June payment, second, July, will be carried out automatically. Reapply for this aid, to gather some information is not necessary. The same automatic payment mechanism will be implemented for families in which children up to three years. And those who for some reason has not yet asked for support, you can do it simply and conveniently, remotely or through a branch Pension Fund, and receive payment without delay, as everyone in July.”

Families in which at least one of the parents lost their jobs, each child will continue to pay three thousand rubles for another two months. Putin is confident that through the support of millions of Russian families will be able to keep afloat the domestic economy. This series just grace mortgage at 6.5 percent. It will certainly entail a rise in housing construction. Moreover, the President today increases the cost of apartments, the purchase of which would be to get a bailout loan.

“This spring, we launched a special program of preferential mortgages to families to purchase new housing using loan at a rate of 6 percent. More than 45 thousand families have already issued a mortgage. Now we need to undertaketive to expand the possibilities for choice of comfortable, modern housing, – said the President. In this regard, I propose to extend preferential mortgage on a new home value not to three, like before, and up to six million rubles. And in the largest Metropolitan areas – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg – up to 12 million rubles. Here property prices are much higher than in Russia as a whole. I think that this will be a popular measure of support”.

In the foreground should always be the man – his life, health, well-being. And these new support measures, which said today the Russian President, would help the society to adapt, and to emerge from the crisis smoothly.