The man began with a festive meal of their own pigs

In the town of Osiek, South-West of Poland was devoured by his pigs 71-year-old farmer — this could happen after the incident he had a heart attack. At this time, the man took the water in the well in the yard.

the remains of the farmer provides only his name, Krzysztof — was found near the well, writes The Sun. From man left only a pile of bones and skull fragments. Discovered their neighbor, who has come to visit his farmer, whom he had not seen since last year.

According to the representative of the local Prosecutor’s office Magdalena Seraphim, a dead man was supposedly eaten by his own pigs. Neighbors say that the farmer liked to drink and could fall asleep at the well. They also say that Krzysztof could forget to feed their pigs, which, when it ran freely in the yard and could easily get to him.

the ill-Fated farmer kept pigs Hungarian breed mangalica bred in the XIX century by crossing domestic pigs with European wild boars. It is reported that pigs Krzysztof — just a giant, and that they terrorized the whole neighborhood.