The man with hot coffee saved kittens, frozen in the snow

a Resident of Canada saved the life of three kittens with the help of hot coffee. This man said on his page on Facebook.

According to Kendall divis’s, he found three kittens on one of the roads. The tails of animals frozen into the snow, because they couldn’t get away from the place and plaintively mewed.

the Man kept his head and decided to help the kittens. He went to the car and brought out a travel mug of hot coffee. Drink canadian melted the snow, thus freeing the animal. Maybe the kittens were very hungry or thirsty, because they immediately began to lap up the coffee.

the History of salvation was published on divis’s social network on January 22 and quickly became popular. The man asked if someone would want to pick up kittens.

a few days Later, Kendall told the story. According to him, the kittens found a new home — the animals are in the same family.

Previously a resident of Canada saved a family of deer that could not get out of the frozen lake.