The marginal rates will increase 10 percent

the Bank of Russia has prepared a Directive to increase the maximum tariffs of mandatory car insurance CTP by 10 percent, follows from the published document.

generally, the tariff corridor expands. “For the most numerous group of cars of physical persons the rate will be extended by 10 percent up and 10 percent down,” — said journalists the Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir Chistyuhin.

According to the intention of the regulator, the new tariff corridor will allow flexibility to set rates for motorists with different levels of risk.

Now the minimum cost of insurance set at 2,746 thousand rubles, and the maximum 4,942 thousand. After approval of the new tariff corridor, the minimum base rate will be reduced to 2,471 thousand rubles, the maximum – will increase to 5,436 thousand rubles.

For companies, the tariff corridor is expanding significantly. “For cars of legal entities the tariff is expanding in two directions by 20 percent by taxi – 30 percent and upward,” — said Chistyukhin.

According to recent reports of insurers from 1 January to 10 June 2020, the average price of MTPL policy have decreased in 46 regions of the 85. In these 46 regions account for 53 percent of all car owners. In the whole of Russia the average price of mandatory car insurance has not changed.

Significantly increased the cost of the policy in Moscow, where the price is the maximum among the regions, by 1.6% or 133 of the ruble, to 8,448 thousand. The capital is also the leader in number of owners — nearly 10 percent of all the country. In second place — the Moscow region, where 6 percent of all car owners. In the suburbs the price of the policy increased by 2.1 percent, or 144 of the ruble, to 6,982 thousand rubles. In St. Petersburg, occupying the third place in the number of owners (4.3 per cent of all car owners), the average price of CTP has decreased by 0.6 percent, or 45 rublesth, to 7,613 thousand.

On the fourth place – Krasnodar Krai (4% of car owners): growth by 4.4 percent, or 245 rubles to 5,785 thousand.

Previously, a new automated system for CTP launched the Russian Union of motor insurers now rate the bike more to insure an expensive SUV. The owners of the cars now are better protected, and the actions insurance companies can control the Central Bank, say the developers of the system.

In may 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law authorizing the to issue the insurance policy without passing inspection at the time of the epidemic until September 30.

Another change is in may 2020, the state Duma adopted in the third final reading the law on individualization of tariffs OSAGO. And now amendments to the law allow to take into account traffic violations. The law will enter into force 3 months after its official publication.

the new act, conscientious drivers will pay less. But those who frequently violate traffic rules and gets in an accident will have to pay for insurance policy much more.