The mask from the smog turned into a gadget and has estimated $350

Startup Ao Air showed a transparent mask to protect from the dirty air. Innovative respirator Atmos Faceware will not only save the respiratory system from harmful impurities, but also positioned as a fashion accessory that can be purchased for $350.

the Novelty was first introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2020 in Las Vegas, writes The Verge. The mask is focused on residents of areas with polluted air — it protects against the effects of dust, smoke, fog and noxious gases. Ao Air claim that their development of better filters solid particles than conventional respirators certified by the National Institute of occupational safety (NIOSH) USA.

unlike other solutions, Atmos Faceware does not require a tight fit to the face. Facial hair and sweat, the company says, do not interfere with safe breathing air. “Our transparent design rests on the bridge that allows others to see your face, including smile,” said Ao in the Air.

a Full set of “smart” mask, including four additional filters on sale for $350. For comparison, NIOSH certified N95 respirator you can buy for about $15.

Text: To.Hi-tech