The massacre out of jealousy. The inhabitant of Yamal will sit for 7 years for the attempted murder of ex-girlfriend

the court announced the sentence 24-to the summer inhabitant of Yamal region. The man was charged with attempted murder, according to STRC “Yamal” in the air “Russia 24”.

As it turned out, he broke up with his girlfriend, but the feeling did not pass. The young man wanted to take revenge on the former beloved. He tracked her down near the house after returning after a walk with a friend, was attacked from behind and repeatedly stabbed in the chest. The girl tried to fight back under the guise of the hands and the package of food. Then fell to the ground pretending to be dead. However, the jealous man continued to strike blows by a knife. When the perp swung once again, a friend of the victim managed to grab his arm and take away guns.

In the result of incident the girl received multiple wounds to the chest. Also she has damaged the right lung and the pericardium. She managed to survive only thanks to the intervention of a friend and timely help of doctors.

Now the culprit will spend 7 years in a strict regime colony. The defendant was taken into custody in the courtroom.

Text: STRC “Yamal”