The mayor of Norilsk has got a case of negligence

the attitude of the mayor of Norilsk, where the 29 may there was a massive oil spill, a criminal case about negligence.

As reported by the official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko, Rinat Akhmetshin knew about the amount spilled from the tank of fuel, but did not react to the situation properly. In particular, it is not organized interaction between departments and the monitoring of the environment and predict the development and consequences of emergencies. Charges under part 1 of article 293 of the criminal code he has presented, said the representative of the TFR.

Earlier in the investigation, was detained the Director of the CHP-3 of JSC “NTEK” Pavel Smirnov, chief engineer Alexei Stepanov and his Deputy Yuri Kuznetsov. They are suspected of violating the rules of environmental protection in the operation of industrial facilities. The investigation found that these officials knew that the tank in need of repair, but continued to operate it.

Charges in the case of a fuel leak also presented the chief of Department of CHP-3 Vyacheslav Starostin.

may 29, 2020 from a cracked tank CHP-3 flowed approximately 21 thousand tons of fuel. On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region introduced a state of emergency at the Federal level.