The mayor: the week number of patients COVID-19 decreased by 37 percent

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 24” spoke about a significant reduction in the number of detected carriers of the coronavirus. The number of tests COVID-19 remains the same.

According to Sobyanin, in the last week the detection of the infected fell by 37 percent. In addition, the mayor noted, also in seven days, a 21 percent decrease in the number of patients on the ventilator.

Sergei Sobyanin drew attention to the fact that reduced indicator of severe, moderate and very severe patients. Reduced the number of pneumonia. For days in Moscow doing about 48 thousand PCR tests. At the same time, the mayor noted, to manipulate with bulky picture by the coronavirus in the capital impossible. “This works the entire medical network,” — said Sobyanin.

According oberstab on June 25, the last day in Russia was found 7 infected COVID 113-19. In Moscow a day recorded 885 new patients.