The medical center of the Ministry of defence built by all the canons of epidemiological science

In Rostov-na-Donu film crew of “Vesti on Saturday” first of all invited to the newly opened multifunctional medical center of the Ministry of defense, built in the Wake of the threat of coronavirus. Working there and sharing the experience of doctors who have worked in recent months COVID hot-spots: Italy, Serbia, and Dagestan.

Before we get into the new medical center, COVID test-19 passed the entire crew. The “red zone” in the clinic yet, but the requirements are strict.

Head of the district military hospital, honored doctor of Russia Valery Koko was not one war, starting with Afghanistan. Speaking about the centre, he drew attention to the details. The transfer window of the chamber box type (each one with separate entrance), the best diagnostic equipment.

the Doctors themselves often don’t sleep. Italy. Bergamo. Anesthesiologist Evgeny Vinokurov — medical forces. In the composition of the consolidated group of the Ministry of defense together with Italian colleagues working in the organized Russians field hospital.

160 beds so far in reserve for COVID. But not idle. In the treatment of patients of therapeutic profile. Multi-function center is not just located on the territory of the district military hospital, but uses its rich resources. In particular, an ultra-modern laboratory, which conducted various analyses and tests, including coronavirus infection.

the Clinic was built according to all canons of epidemiological science. It virtually eliminates the possibility of transmission within the hospital.

“the Risk of this moment in Italy was much higher. There is no clear zoning. I think this is one of the problems that led to such a large influx of patients,” said Yevgeny Vinokurov.

During the work in Italy in their squad coronavirus not sick, no doctor, nurse or nurse’s aide. “This is about saying something. On the experience of our colleagues gave to the Italianlegem,” — said Vinokourov.

infectious disease Natalia Nikitenko recently returned from Botlikh, where the military launched a mobile hospital to help the inhabitants of the mountain districts of the Republic.

as soon As the situation stabilized, the doctors returned home to new patients. “We see a positive result, the majority of patients recover,” — said Nikitenko.

According to the project the medical center will serve at least 50 years. The medical team — it is the strongest link.