The military and diplomats in Syria took part in national vote

part in the vote taken by the Russian military in Syria. The points where it is possible to make a choice, organized in Aleppo, Tartus and Mamimi, as well as at the airport Metres on the border with Turkey and at remote observation posts.

Everywhere at the same ensured strict measures of sanitary security — all voting temperature was measured, were given gloves and carried disinfection, said the TV channel “Russia 24”. Together with the military his attitude to the amendments to the Constitution expressed and civilian — they have made the choice in the office of the Russian Consul in Latakia.

“we have certain areas where they will vote a certain number of soldiers. Prepare the ballots, lists and heading to the territories to vote”, — said Elena Kuleshova, a member of the election Commission at the Embassy of Russia in Syria.

“Every Russian citizen, living away from home, especially in Syria, a country at war, it is very important to feel a sense of ownership to the events that happen at home. So many people now come to the site,” — said Zaur Huseynov, head of the consular Department in the city of Latakia, the Russian Embassy in Syria.