The military has denied involvement in the pollution of the Khimki reservoir

In the Main military construction management denied the information that the Agency is allegedly guilty of pollution of the Khimki reservoir. The explanation is at the disposal of edition Вестей.Ru.

Earlier it became known that in the reservoir to increase the oil spill to 22 thousand square meters. The incident led to the death of fish and birds, since the concentration of chemical elements was higher than acceptable. According to preliminary data of Rosprirodnadzor, the environmental damage can be GVSU “Spetsstroy” since it found containers with remnants of machine oil and diesel fuel.

In a construction organization noted that the conducted an inspection of tanks and storage facilities. Check has allowed to establish that oil, the same found in the Khimki reservoir, on the territory of “Spetsstroy” no. In addition, for comparative research samples of the spilled material. Currently, GVSU conducts a review to identify the reasons for the contamination of open water.