The military raised from the water, the helicopter that crashed while fighting fires in Australia. Video

Soldiers of the Royal Australian Navy is lifted from the bottom of the reservoir, the helicopter crashed on Thursday, January 9th. The operation to remove the aircraft took video.

the Helicopter Bell UH-1H crashed during the operation to extinguish forest fires. According to preliminary data, the rotary-wing car collided with the dam, and then fell into the pond and drowned.

On Board was only the pilot. He received minor injuries and made it safely to shore, where he was given necessary medical help.

Recall that the fires in Australia raging in the autumn of last year. The fire claimed the lives of 27 people, a number of people listed as missing. Burned millions of hectares of the territory, destroyed thousands of homes, killed many animals.

Authorities have not yet managed to reverse the situation with the spread of the fire and bring it under control.