The military restored railroad in Murmansk region

Military railroad arrived in Murmansk oblast, to help restore the railway section between stations the stake and Output. The place delivered 70 military personnel and 36 units of special equipment — excavators, bulldozers, sweepers, dump trucks.

on Saturday, the military will build an embankment for the railway. Its length is about 6 kilometers. To help restore the railroad in Murmansk region the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation has charged to Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, three Il-76 aircraft delivered from the Nizhny Novgorod region military engineers with special equipment and the latest drilling and impact machine. It would work in rocky soil.

Meanwhile, flooding in the Murmansk region, which destroyed the bridge across the river Cola, increases. In the Kola district entered inter-municipal emergency – there flooded dozens of homes and yards, 14 residents were evacuated to a temporary item placement. In the area of flooding on duty emergency workers, a boat and heavy ATVs. Rescuers are always ready to provide necessary assistance.

the Police, in turn, patrolling areas to prevent looting. Only the floods were three villages and the city of the stake.

During the working visit to Murmansk oblast Director of the Department of civil defense and protection of the population of the EMERCOM of Russia Oleg Manolo visited DNT “kildinskoye”. In connection with the flood of the river of Kola in this country partnerships were flooded 30 houses and about 50 yards. Representatives of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Murmansk region, the operational group of the CMC, the inspectors Centre GIMS located directly at the emergency site. Also involved forces and means of rescuers Murmansk Arctic complex rescue center, regional emergency services, employees of the interior Ministry. A total of 20 involved personnel, 7 vehicles and 5 boats. To provide shelter to victims of the flood residents of the dacha community was deployed temporary accommodation, however demand for it has not been noticed. At the moment in some places the water level there fell by 5-10 cm.