The minimum unemployment benefit will increase three times

on Wednesday, 27 may, Russian President Vladimir Putin convened a meeting on the situation in the labour market. The head of state reminded about the measures already taken to support citizens, including unemployment benefits and allowance for children, said the TV channel “Russia 24”.

labor Minister Anton Kotkov proposed to increase the size of the minimum unemployment benefits three times, namely up to 4.5 thousand rubles. In addition, he took the initiative to extend the period of such payments for another three months and distribute them to those who have lost a job before March 1. The head of state approved the proposal of the Ministry of labor.

Vladimir Putin also supported the initiative to extend the children’s Supplement of three thousand roubles for those who lost your job before March 1. In addition, an allowance of 12 130 rubles will be distributed to individual entrepreneurs who have been forced to close his business due to pandemic coronavirus.

President during the meeting said that the preservation of jobs and family incomes are key priorities for the authorities. It was noted that the number of officially registered unemployed in the country is growing and has exceeded 1.9 million.