The Ministry of culture published a preliminary report for 7 years

On the website of the Ministry of culture published a report on the results of operations for the years 2012-2019. The results are preliminary, a full report will be published on January 27.

During this period, the revenues of the Federal theatres increased from 4.4 billion to 12.6 billion rubles, the growth was 186%. The number of productions increased by 27%.

last year, the attendance of the Russian museums has grown to 155 million visits per year (in 2012 — 90 million).

revenues of the Federal museums from paid services in 2019 amounted to 17.7 billion rubles, which is two and a half times higher than in 2012.

At the head of the Ministry of culture Vladimir Medinsky has replaced Olga Lyubimova, who previously held the position of Director of the Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture.

on the Eve of the Medina thanked the Ministry of culture for the work done. He noted that now the Ministry has a great complex and good conditions. This statement Medina made, introducing the new Minister — Olga Lyubimov.