The Ministry of culture wants to exclude

the Ministry of culture intend to develop amendments to legislation to prevent situations that occurred in the “Seventh Studio”.

“is Considering systemic measures, which should eliminate this kind of tragic stories, when the artist and the Creator is in contact with the money estimates”, — told RIA Novosti the Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova.

She explained that it is proposed at the legislative level to consolidate the division of spheres of government cultural institution.

“This division is not imperative, but an opportunity. Until now it was not written in the law. According to the legislation today at the theater one head. If the artistic Director is strong, is a creative leader, he often becomes the chief Executive,” — said Lyubimov.

In the Meshchansky court of Moscow today announced a verdict in the case of embezzlement of budget funds allocated to the “Seventh Studio” for the project “Platform”. The Director Kirill Serebrennikov and producer Yuri Itin and Alex Malopolski found guilty. The amount of damage is estimated at 129 million rubles.