The Ministry of health and SIC Gamalei told about the testing and release of vaccine from COVID-19

the health Minister of Russia Mikhail Murashko on Saturday said that the clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus COVID-19 regular. The Minister promised to talk about the results when the results appear.

Earlier in Sechenovskiy University 18 volunteers received the vaccine for coronavirus, another 20 volunteers will be connected to the test next week.

the Ministry of defence and the centre named after academician Gamalei also verify the combined vector vaccine. Eighteen volunteers were administered the drugs in the Burdenko hospital on June 18.

According to the Director of the centre of epidemiology and Microbiology. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg, production of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus may this autumn

“using a SIC Gamalei test system for immunity to COVID-19 analysed more than 4000 samples of blood plasma,” — said Ginzburg.

the Test detects antibodies to the coronavirus in the blood of convalescents and enables quality testing of blood plasma. Blood plasma recovered from COVID is used in the treatment of seriously ill by the coronavirus.