The Ministry of health of Brazil has suspended the operation of the website that publishes information about COVID-19 in the country

the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro supported the partial suspension of the updates of shared data on cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19 in the country. This was reported by Reuters.

Previously, by the decision of the Ministry of health of the country was suspended website, which publishes data on the spread of coronavirus infection in Brazil. The authorities of the country criticized in more recent reports of new infections. Previously all information was there about 17:00 local time, and the last few days, these data were published at about 22:00.

As Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter, the aggregate data do not reflect the true state of Affairs in the country. To improve the provision of information on the data and on the confirmation of diagnosis is taking other actions, said the President of Brazil.

currently, the website which provides data about the situation with coronavirus in Brazil, works by displaying only the number of cases recorded in recent days.

Johns Hopkins University has also suspended the publication of information about COVID-19 in Brazil, removing it from the list of countries where cases of infection with coronavirus.

on March 11 of this year, the world health organization declared the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus pandemic, reminds RIA Novosti. According to the latest information in the world of recorded 6,962,528 cases of infection, died 401,544 person, recovered 3,403,757 patients.