The Ministry of health: taking measures of self-isolation is not quite right

the Increased number of contacts between people may lead to new cases of infection COVID-19, the chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health of Russia Sergey Avdeev.

In an interview posted on the Agency’s website Avdeev told what the consequences of removing certain restrictive measures. Withdrawal of isolation measures is understood by many not quite right,” said he did not rule out that removal of restrictions can lead to increased contacts between people and, as a consequence, to new outbreaks of disease.

Avdeev said that in recent years there has been a clear decline in new cases are reported. For example, in Moscow for the day it was revealed less than 1 500 such persons. This is a big step in the direction of reducing the size of the pandemic, but across the country, these figures are not relevant.

He urged to continue to observe social distance, wear masks, and indoor and gloves. “This will reduce the risks of a negative scenario,” — said Avdeev.

Private message pulmonologist has addressed the youth. Often young people gather in large groups, rarely wear masks when communicating, then come home and can infect their elderly relatives are at risk.