The Ministry of labor explained the order of new benefits for children

a New lump sum in 10 thousand rubles, for children up to 16 years, which this week said Russian President Vladimir Putin, starting from 1 July.

In this case, as explained in the press service of the Ministry of labor, filing a separate statement from parents is not required — FIU already has all the necessary data.

the Ministry said that the implementation of the previous lump-sum payment for children from 3 to 16 years was worked out by the technical algorithm of the electronic exchange of data. This innovation allows you to quickly transfer money to more than 15 million children already on the first day of payments. Funds for the remaining applications received before 1 June have been listed for ten days. Payments received parents more than 21 million children.

the Ministry stressed that the Russians appreciated the speed and convenience in the provision of social support, RIA Novosti reported.