The Ministry of labor has calculated the rate of increase of pensions for 3 years

the Average pension may grow next year by 6.3 percent to 17 432 rubles, 2022 — 5.9 percent to 18 357 rubles, 2023 is 5.6 per cent to 19 283 rubles, follows from the project of the basic characteristics of the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR), podgotovlennoe by the Ministry of labour and social protection.

the Document has taken into account the parameters of the forecast socio-economic development of the country for the next three years.

the Social pension and pensions for state pensions (indexed annually from the first of April) in 2021 it is planned to increase by 1.5 percent to 9 977 rubles in 2022 3.9 percent to 10 307 rubles, in 2023, 3.7% to 10 693 rubles, reported the edition “the Russian newspaper” with reference to the draft budget of the PFR.

the Size of the cumulative part and term pension payments in the coming years do not plan to adjust. The average size of social pension in the next three years will be 9 977 rubles, 10 307 693 rubles and 10 rubles respectively, the document cites RIA Novosti.

the Size of pension will increase from August 1 by 9.13%, reported FIU. The increase was possible because the investment of pension savings in 2019 has brought income which exceeded the rate of inflation three times. The average size of funded pension is 956 rubles. per month, the average amount of term pension payments — 1705 RUB Both types of pensions administered to women 55 years, men — 60 years or at an earlier age for early retirement.