The missile strike killed 60 soldiers of the army of Yemen

At least 60 soldiers were killed in a rocket attack in Yemen. About it reports TV channel “al Arabiya”.

According to him, the attack on the training camp of the army of Yemen has committed the armed forces of the Houthi rebel movement. At impact were used ballistic missile, reports “Russia 24”.

the Confrontation between government forces and the Houthis last August 2014. The Houthis coup: first seized the capital Sana’a, and then attacked the other cities of Yemen. The main patron of the Houthis called Iran. Without waiting for UN resolutions and only with approval from Washington, the Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia, launched “operation Storm committed” with the bombing of the positions of Houthis. At the summit of the League of Arab States military intervention in Yemen explained the situation of the UN Charter on the right to self-defense and mutual defense Pact of the Arab countries.

the Conflict resulted in a major humanitarian crisis.