The studio is the breeding ground for models both young and old, but have you ever heard of a model who was born in a studio? Meet Karan Oberoi, better known as KO. Oberoi never intended to be a model, indeed he was all set to follow an entirely different career trajectory altogether. With a double postgraduate degree, one of which was an MBA in International Business, Oberoi was a budding graphic designer for a leading advertising firm. However, all that changed one fateful day.

For an ad campaign that Oberoi’s company was conducting, the main model could not make it to a shoot one day. Karan stepped in as a last resort. And that was the day, Karan Oberoi – the model, was born in that studio. Possessing an inherent sense of style and the classic good looks reminiscent of many leading models of the day, Oberoi realized that this was his true calling. He threw himself into honing his body to fit the vision, and a decade later is soaring newer heights every day.

His hard work paid off and how, as he won award after award over the years. Most notably, at a Mr. India International event, he won the ‘Best Body’ as well as the ‘Mr. Photogenic’ titles. He even collected the prestigious ‘Youth Icon Model of the Year’ at the Global Leadership Awards in 2018. His very photogenic face and chiselled physique has landed him several fashion brand endorsements, as is very apparent by his Instagram feed. Speaking of, he recently crossed the 1 million follower count on the platform, a feat that most of his contemporaries have not achieved. With milestone after milestone crossed, Karan Oberoi or KO, is only going to go onwards and upwards!