The mood of Russian consumers is improving

the Mood of Russian consumers is improving and the level of anxiety decreases, the BCG study and “romira”.

Previous research has indicated the best mood of Russian consumers than in other developing countries.

Anxiety continues to decline as the perception of the pandemic and its impact on life.

the Share of Russians decreased by 10-18 percentage points for all parameters. Decreased the proportion of waiting ahead of the worst to 47% (minus 18 percentage points). Decreased the proportion of those who think about the global risk of pandemic, up to 62% (minus 13 percentage points). Decreased the proportion of those who tries to avoid places of a mass congestion of people to 75% (-10 p. p.), and the share changed their habits to 62% (-13 percentage points).

the Criteria for the return to normal life respondents referred to a strong reduction in the number of new diseases and availability of vaccines.

“however, 84% of Russians said that the situation is not yet reflected in their welfare or they just don’t have savings accounts, while 6% in Moscow and 4% in Russia have even declared an increase in savings,” said managing Director and BCG partner, head of Advisory practice on the consumer goods and retail in Russia and CIS Ivan Kotov.

About 35% of Russians increased spending on food in isolation and often order food and another 25% cut, according to a study by the Center for the study of consumer behavior “Roccasecca” together with OMI (Online Market Intelligence).

the Daily expenses of Russians decreased in April by 16.6% compared to the same period in March, according to the study “ROMIR”. However, in annual terms — by April 2019, the figure rose 2.4%. Expenses of Russians were in April, the largest monthly expenditure for all years of observations. In may, the rising costs continued.

a New study indicates that consumers startAli to adapt to the new conditions of security and economy, and in the coming months ready to gradually restore their cost: about 35% of respondents expect in the next several weeks after the lifting of restrictions to return to pre-crisis level of expenditure on food.