The most powerful and accurate one: the robotic arm played the piano and cut the paper

the Development of robots that can take over human tasks and implement them as delicate, as are the people, – old dream of engineers.

researchers from the Korean Institute of machinery and materials (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) closer to the realization of this idea. They have designed the world’s most powerful robotic arm, which is able to handle items that exceed the weight three times. However, it can also perform tasks that require sensitivity, for example, to play the piano or serve a glass of water.

the Robotic arm was designed in the image and likeness of men (from the perspective of size and features), but the analogue only four fingers.

the control Unit integrated in the palm, it drives the motors 12 and controls the movement of each finger. 16 joints make the arm quite manoeuvrable: the fingers can move independently from each other, and the very robotic limb capable of capturing objects that weigh more than three pounds. While the device itself weighs just one kilogram.

the most powerful and accurate one the robotic arm played the piano and cut the paper 1the Combination of sensors allowed the robotic arm to grab objects that require careful handling.Illustration Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials.

As the developers, the hand is “the world’s largest grasping force compared to its own weight”. In addition, it’s lighter and stronger than the existing analogues on the market.

But her features don’t end there. The engineering team has also equipped a robotic arm with force sensors and tactile sensors, such as those that are under the skin.

Their size is less than 15 millimeters and a weight of less than five grams. The device located at the fingertips, the fingers and wrist. Such configuration allows the device to measure and control the pressing force on the objects. Now the robotic arm can easily and effects to pour a glass of water to cut paper with scissors, lift the egg and even play a melody on the piano.

“the Robotic arm has been developed for the treatment of various objects, including objects we encounter in everyday life. It should mimic the delicate movements of the human hand, concludes the first developer To Hyunmin (Hyunmin Do. – It will also be used as a research platform to study the algorithm capture and manipulation of intelligence (artificial intelligence that controls this process – approx. ed.)”.

to See how the robotic hand playing the piano in the video below.

Previously, the authors of the project “Conduct.Science” ( told me that brain-controlled robotic hand will allow you to do several things at once, and that someday could become a reality the dream of the busy people have a lot of hands.

Text: To.Science