The most precious Message: 500 billion to savings of Russians

the President began his Message to the Federal Assembly, with the problems of demography. Conservation and augmentation of people, the President said, is the highest national priority, which directly affects the historical perspective of development of the country. To remedy the situation, which Vladimir Putin described the complex, suggested a number of important initiatives aimed at supporting families with children, increasing the birth rate and the welfare of the people.

the President in his address to the Federal Assembly at this time focused on a single, but very important, even strategic to improving the welfare of Russians. It concerns tens of millions of our fellow citizens, which is an issue in every region.

work on the document were very difficult. We know that even before the President was working on the latest edition. Because it is a huge amount of money that the Finance Ministry is now necessary to seek to Finance all these measures.

Putin, speaking to the Federal Assembly, explains why he decided to speak with a message at the beginning of the year. It is necessary to quickly, without delay to solve major social, economic challenges facing the country.

“the Fate of Russia, its historical perspective depends on how many we will have. Today we have nearly 147 million people. But we have entered a very difficult demographic period. Its peculiarity is that thanks to the measures we have taken since the mid 2000-ies, we were able to achieve positive results demographics in the period to reach natural increase of the population. Students because we have more. But the family-now create a small generation of 90-ies. The number again falls. Our historic duty to rise to this challenge. Not just out of the demographic trap, but the middle of the coming decade to ensure sustainable growth of the country’s population. In 2024 the fertility rate must be 1,7. Demography is a field where there is no a universal, the more bureaucratic solutions. Every step, the new law, the state programme we have to assess first of all from the point of view of the highest national priority to the conservation and augmentation of the Russian people”, — said Vladimir Putin.

“Fertility, increase in population. Now, if we all – I’m not talking about the Church, it is part of their way – we should work together in terms of educating people in awareness of the necessity to have large families, knowing that the loss of some part of personal well-being kompensiruet higher values attained by family, then by the grace of God can change the demographic situation”, — said the head of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill.

still not enough places in kindergartens. In the previous two years in the regions had to create 90 thousand new places for children. But created only 78 thousand. And then, the real of them — only half. The rest did not obtained the educational license.

“Dear heads of subjects of Federation, my dear colleagues, well, it can’t work. Well, why are you? This means that we have created 77 and 7 tenths of thousands, Yes, and that is not in full mode, meaning that half of them can’t work. And by 2021, we need to create a 177 and 3 tenths. I ask you to do everything, although it is very difficult, but nevertheless, it need to do to make up for this gap,” – asked the President.

Where it is necessary to build from scratch, and somewhere to finish the unfinished. Here in Tyumen, where near the new residential complex in 2015 is a box of kindergarten. Froze, when the money ran out.

“We had, therefore, to go to another kindergarten, it is much further than this. Not very convenient, it would be more comfortable if he worked here,” says Marina Anagnina.

While settlers drive, or rather, carry babies for two kilometers. But that will soon change. On completion of the construction the contractor was given 10 months. The nursery is still much worse. Even in such a big city as Samara, there are entire districts without gardens for the little ones.

the family Emelina three daughters. Smaller than the other. The only option for the youngest, Arina — commercial garden — over 20 thousand a month is not an option.

the President proposes to work in all areas of family support. This year the system earned for those whose income does not exceed two minimum subsistence levels. Putin proposes to go further.

“that’s what I thought, and think, and you also understand that when the child reaches three years of set payments cease. And so the family can immediately get into a difficult situation with revenues. So, in fact, happening. That can’t happen. Moreover, well aware that until the kids went to school, mom often difficult to combine work and child care. We know well for their children and their grandchildren, kids at this age, that is, familiar with the viruses that are sick. Mom not to go to work. In this regard, I propose to provide a monthly allowance to children aged three to seven years inclusive. And from the first of January 2020,” — said the head of state.

to such payments will be without bureaucratic obstacles.

“in Order to obtain such payment, it will be enough to apply, and enter your official legal income. Pay attention, you need to make the procedure as comfortable and easy for citizens. So they can all issue and obstacles, or remotely, through the respective state portals. In each subject of Federation revenues may vary”, — said Putin.

In the first phase of payments will be 5500 rubles. Then, this amount may be revised upward — to more than 11 thousand — the cost of living.

of Course, have to adjust the Federal budget. Details decided to ask Michael Mishustina, who participated in a recent workshop with the President before the address. Then it was not known that the President proposed Mishustin to head the government.

“Where now money to take it, it’s a large amount? — Yes, the sums are large, but it was a preliminary meeting, in order that all that is necessary, were mobilized appropriate measures, including Tax service,” — said Mishustin.

Next — social contracts. They are designed to increase the incomes and quality of life of individual families. About social contract Putin said that on the last Message, but the system is also not earned in full force. The President proposes to revise the very principles of such contracts and to strengthen the support for regions. And another of his initiative — 2006 — head of the state proposed today to expand and extend. The results of the parent capital.

“We will extend this programme at least until 31 December 2026. This step needs to be done. But today only this is not enough. We need to support young people, those who are starting family life and I am sure dreams of children. In this regard, I would like to propose a new additional decision concerning maternity capital, which shall enter into force on 1 January 2020. At birth the firstborn of the family will be entitled to the maternity capital in its current volume”, — informed the President.

this year is already four hundred sixty-six thousand six hundred seventeen rubles. The President believes it is not enough and proposes to increase the capital by 150 thousand at the birth of the second child. Every year index.

“If the family now has the first, the birth of the second child will give the family maternity capital in the amount of 616 thousand rubles. Funds will be provided for in the relevant amendments in the Federal budget and budgets of regions”, — said Tatyana Golikova, acting Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation.

And if to consider that at the birth of the third child the state puts out for the family 450 thousand mortgage loan and, in General, the state helps the family by more than a million. Somewhere in the regions is half a flat or half a house.

And yet — preferential mortgage six percent for families with two children, and in the far East is generally a two-percent loan. The new proposal is to support the families of first-graders and elementary school students is to provide them with free hot meals.

“I will Not hide, we have a large discussion going on this. And colleagues in General, some don’t mind because their children do not want to support, but say that it’s not very fair. That and people with decent incomes, and with little income will receive the same support from the state. This, of course, is the logic, it’s true. But there is a logic is also characteristic of our society. Everyone should feel equal. Should not parents and children, which is often the current situation is humiliating, to feel like they are even a child can not feed. It seems to me that our society is extremely important. Yes, I say, you know, even in Soviet times, with its broad social program of support of citizens do not have such support. But the disintegration of society then was not like this. I think that this measure will be justified,” — said the head of the country.

the News about free school meals has really pleased many. Including the children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova, mother of six children: “a Hot meal, I think, will please many parents. That’s fine, I’m happy. In the end, the President now decided that all children regardless of the income of the family should eat the same.”

of course, it will be necessary to equip the canteens and cafeterias in schools throughout the country to establish a system of supply. Where all of this is, since the new school year, students can obtain hot meals. Anythings schools have to arrange food by 2023.

you Need to make changes in the national project of education. To build schools and develop the infrastructure. Help and music schools — only for the purchase of tools and equipment is allocated more than 8 billion rubles.

“We are all aware that for many children, Yes, and in our childhood also had music lessons in secondary schools — something frivolous, something superficial. And it is wrong. Child along with the letter and figure must be familiar with the note,” — says Denis Matsuev, people’s artist of Russia, pianist.

another solution, which many were waiting for — the President says that it is important to raise the status and prestige of the profession of a school teacher.

“I Consider it necessary from September 1 to enter a special Supplement to class teachers in the amount of not less than 5000 rubles for the Federal budget. There is also a lot of disputes. It’s the responsibility of the regions. Here, the audience is well aware. But still, what a great leader? Is the teacher, and it is still a Federal function. Needless to say, I want to draw attention to this, all existing regional payments for classroom management needs to be maintained dear colleagues, I draw this to your attention. And be sure to check what is happening in practice in life”, — Putin said.

the Economic unit will have to work now to bring it all.

“the President’s tasks will be financially secure in full. The President in his address also talked about the need to carry all this within the fiscal sustainability, which is also very important. This means that we will determine the priorities of those costs that have”, — said Anton Siluanov, acting first Deputy Prime Minister, acting Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation.

“the Finance Ministry is already looking for these reserves. They are rather big. They can touch 0.5% of GDP – almost 500 mmilliardov rubles. Expensive Message? – Expensive. This precious Epistle we have not seen,” — said Alexey Kudrin, the head of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation.

This is a truly historical Message to the Russians watched live across the country. It is clear that all the Central channels, but also on the vast information displays in public places, and even in cinemas, which cinema “the Seagull” in St. Petersburg, was opened a free for all.