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The most successful surviving rider in the world gets off his horse


Even during the CHIO in Aachen, Beerbaum wasn’t sure when to stop. “Good question,” he said: “I’m asking myself that too.” At the age of 60, the show jumper said a few years ago that he no longer wanted to ride in tournaments. “But I didn’t sign it,” added the 59-year-old Beerbaum with a smile – and now, according to his own statement, spontaneously decided to end his career.

“I can look back on a great time as a rider, have traveled the whole world and had wonderful experiences,” said Beerbaum when saying goodbye: “Now the time has come to make room for the younger generation. It is a pleasure for me to take this step, which is not easy for me, at the most beautiful tournament in the world.”

Beerbaum emphasized: “I would like to thank the Aachen audience from the bottom of my heart for the decades of support that I and my horses have received.”

“I will continue to devote my life to equestrian sport,” he announced: “I can’t be completely without riding, because this was and is my purpose in life. That’s why I will continue to train horses and occasionally show them at tournaments on a small scale.” He also trades horses and organizes tournaments.

At the Grand Prix on Sunday, in front of 40,000 spectators, he finished 25th with the mare Mila after a mistake at the water jump. Otherwise he hobbled across the terrain. At the beginning of March, the rider fell at the tournament in Doha and broke his leg. Beerbaum only made his comeback at the beginning of the month – only to end his career after all.

The winner was Marcus Ehning, who could hardly believe his luck. The 49-year-old prevailed in front of 40,000 spectators in the Stargold saddle. In the jump-off of the 1.5 million euro test, the rider from Borken and his horse showed the fastest flawless ride and pushed Daniel Deußer and Killer Queen into second place. Third was Philipp Weishaupt with Zineday.