The mother, tortured his child, got a job in a kindergarten

In the Samara region, the court accused the mother of child torture, the infliction of bodily injury, and improper upbringing of children. She was sentenced to 3 and a half years conditionally with a trial period in 2,5 years.

it reminds GTRK “Samara”, four years ago, a woman gave birth to a boy and a girl twins. As a result of frequent beatings were subjected to only girl. Also the mother deprived her of food. When a child is admitted to hospital the doctors were amazed — the girl had broken front teeth, and she was visibly exhausted.

After that, both the children from the family withdrew. The mother opened a criminal case. While there was a consequence, woman has a job in a kindergarten. Of course, the management institution of a criminal record, knew nothing. As reported by “KP-Samara” at the interview when applying for a job that assured that the family of her wealthy, no problem. Once revealed lie, the woman had to resign.

currently both children are in the orphanage, their fate is unknown.

Text: GTRK “Samara”