The National Interest said that the su-57

the United States believe in the unwillingness of the prospective Russian fifth generation fighter, the su-57 for combat. As the author of the publication The National Interest David Axe, this fighter can’t stand against high-tech enemy, such as the American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II.

the Main disadvantages of Russian fighter NI calls incomplete weapon systems and fighter control, the absence of the regular engines of the second stage and serial production. Also among the problems associated with the production of the su-57, the journalists called delaying its development and the lack of funding.

su-57 is the first Russian fighter of the fifth generation: it’s less visible to radar, equipped with the latest electronics and weapons systems, able to move at supersonic speed without using afterburners.

In December last year, it was reported: the pair of su-57 has been tested in Syria, completing all assigned tasks. These tests in the Arab country was the second in a row for the first time a Russian su-57 was there at the end of February 2018. Then the two fighters held in Syria for two days. At this time they were accompanied by the aircraft laboratory, who recorded the behavior of the latest fighting machines in the air and use weapons.

the United States and coalition forces who are watching the airspace over Syria, reacted to the appearance of a su-57 caution, says NI. According to the commander of air Combat command of the US General James Holmes, the presence of the su-57 “definitely adds a level of complexity” with which we have to deal with American pilots in the region.

However, the US-led coalition, obviously, recognize a limited combat potential, represented by only two planes. “The presence of any new Russian aircraft in the region does not affect the operation of the coalition, and we don’t see this as a danger for our aircraft,” said its representative.