The national project

the city of Uglegorsk on Sakhalin island has opened a new technoclass; it was installed in the framework of the national project “Education”. To attend classes for children from the age of 12. There they will learn to create computer games, to work with augmented reality and 3D technology.

the Robot is almost ready is the result of week-long classes in the new technoclass. Typically, a fifth-grader Eugene Tom has been dancing, singing and acting. But now I decided to discover something new.

“I was just wondering, I want to try something new, and I love to experiment”, – said the girl.

New technoclass opened in Uglegorsk school, and he is the only one in the area. Despite the summer holidays, the children prepared for its opening musical number.

to Do in class will be able and the guys from other schools. Tinkering with robots young Uglegorsk helps the teacher of physics and Informatics. Two-year affair Frumkin took training courses, developed curricula and materials for lessons. It’s time to apply your knowledge in practice.

“New is always a little scary, but it is necessary to understand, and it’s addictive. And if you’re interested, then we should not be”, — says the teacher novel Frumkin.

Classes visited 12 years. Students will learn to create computer games, augmented reality and 3D technology. While fifth graders collect robots by patterns, and in three or four years will be able to write their own computer programs.

“… that the child has been immersed in an atmosphere of technical creativity and then could build their educational trajectory; to choose the specialty associated with equipment, research, research,” — says Galina Prokopchuk, counselor of the Department of education Uglegorsk.

Technoclass equipped in the framework of the national project “Education”. This year they will appear in another nine districts of the region, and by 2021, thosenoclass will throughout the region.