The new composition of the Cabinet: what tasks set by the President

the Decree on the structure of the Federal bodies of Executive power, the appointment of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers Vladimir Putin signed the day before. In this Cabinet — 6 new deputies of the Prime Minister and 8 Ministers.

a Massive upgrade of the government and new faces, which should ensure the implementation of presidential decrees.

First Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet Andrei Belousov was replaced as Anton Siluanov. Previously, he was assistant to the President for economic Affairs.

Vice Premier of Victoria Abramchenko was the head of the Federal registration service and the Deputy Minister of economic development. Also, the chairmen mishustina was his colleagues in the former work place — Dmitry Grigorenko and Alexei Overchuk.

the Sports block of the government now in charge, Dmitry Chernyshenko. He was the head of the organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic winter games of 2014 in Sochi. They passed with flying colors. And for the construction industry meets capital Manager — Marat Husnullin.

“Consider it an evaluation of the work of the Moscow construction complex. And, of course, a high evaluation of the work of Marat Shakirzyanovich,” he wrote on Twitter, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

major changes have occurred in the social block of the government. Valeriy Falkov — Minister of science and higher education. The youngest rector of a country was the head of Tyumen state University.

Mikhail Murashko Minister of health. Doctor of medical Sciences, and his colleagues, a successful doctor. The former head of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health.

“This is not a new person in the healthcare industry, he is well built work of healthcare, he knows healthcare, knows his negative aspects,” — said Leonid Roshal, President of the Union of the medical community “national medical chamber”.

the Ministry of education is now managed by Sergey Kravtsov. He’s 45 years to the last time he was the head of Rosobrnadzor.

Anton Kotkov — Minister of labour and social protection. In the Cabinet came from the Ministry of Finance. The last three years he was Deputy Anton Siluanov. By the way, Katkov, as the head of the Ministry of health Murashko studied at the higher school of public administration at RANEPA.

“The policy, which started a long time ago at training, many have treated her a little skeptical and suspicious, but she is now giving its fruits. Shows the fact that the President has always shown look far ahead,” informed the public of Alexey Komissarov, Vice-rector of the presidential Academy Ranepa, General Director of ANO “Russia — country of opportunities”.

Oleg Matytsin, Minister of sport. Before that, he worked in the Ministry of sports and was a member of the Council for physical culture and sports under the President of Russia.

changes in the government did not pass the digital development Ministry of communications and mass communications. Now it is chaired by Maksut Shadaev. He recently held the position of Vice-President of “Rostelecom”.

A post of the Minister of culture now is Olga Lyubimova. The last two years led the Department of cinematography Minkultury. He graduated from the faculty of journalism and faculty of theatre studies of the University.

“Young, ambitious and promising person, a young girl, headed by a symbolic authority as the Ministry of culture. I think she’ll find some thing correct, and determine how competently to organise work with their employees,” said Vyacheslav Telnov, Executive Director of the cinema Fund.

the government’s Economic bloc also renewed. Of the Governor of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov became the Minister of economic development. An experienced Manager, economist. Also behind five years of experience in city hall.

“the Goals formulated by the President, they can swestand briefly to three. The first is to improve the quality of life and social welfare of our citizens. The second objective is to strengthen the sovereignty of our country. And all this in the context of what is required by the growth of the economy capable of providing goals and objectives,” — said Sergey Kogoghin, co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front.

the New Cabinet will have a Grand work, and in a very short time. In the political arena of Russia that was put forward new people. And most importantly, young. Some of the Ministers there for another 40 years. For statistics — the average age of members of the government under the leadership of Mikhail mishustina is 50.5 years. And it is a certain, albeit indirect, is the catalyst of future changes.