The new coronavirus is gradually conquering the world

the Number of victims of the new coronavirus in China increased to 80. Only in recent days the number of infected has increased by a third. Now there are more than 2800. As reported by Reuters, one of the largest networks of supply announced the closure of restaurants around China to contain the spread.

Dozens of the victims, thousands are infected, a third of them in the last day. Doctors warn that the spread of Chinese coronavirus can once more accelerate.

Spreads the virus rapidly. In dozens of cities of China suspended transport. Held total disinfection. Screens advertising monitors people are urged not to descend into the subway without a mask and wash hands thoroughly.

last week revealed dozens of cases of coronavirus infection around the world. According to the Ministry of health of Japan, the country is an unknown kind of pneumonia contracted 4 people. One more in the United States.

the Centers for control and disease prevention are closely monitoring the outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus, first identified in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. Cases have been identified in the United States, where as at 26 January 2020 5 confirmed cases in travelers from Wuhan in four States.

tour Operators from different countries to cancel trips to China. China’s largest travel Agency “sea trip” launched the program of free of. The Union of French tour operators encouraged companies to suspend sending groups of tourists to China, at least until February 21.

Japan and France, meanwhile, has decided on emergency evacuation of its citizens. “The Prime Minister has decided to repatriate all who wished to return to France citizens. The evacuation will be carried out in the middle of next week, in coordination with the Chinese authorities. Repatriated French citizens will be at the reception center under the supervision of a doctorit to within 14 days,” — said the Minister of social Affairs and health of France Agnes Busan.

Gradually returning home and Russian tourists. Tatiana Shi before the start of the epidemic bought a ticket to the resort island of Hainan, together with her husband to spend our honeymoon there. Now you have to plan early return home.

“Panic starts even in Hainan. Previously, there was quiet, now people are already talking about how to buy tickets and go to their home,” she said.

beyond all, however, went to Mongolia. The authorities completely closed the border with China, canceled classes in school and even banned any public Assembly.

meanwhile, China has already begun to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. The Center for control and prevention of diseases China reported that already was able to isolate the virus, and now is the sample strain. In addition, over the medication and work in Russia. Employees of the Novosibirsk scientific center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector” developed two experimental vaccines.