The new iPhone will catch up in performance MacBook Pro

the Next generation Apple smartphone will be equal in computational power to MacBook. This forecast was made MacWorld editor Jason Cross. According to him, the iPhone 12 will give a 5-nm processor A14, which will provide a future model performance at the level of the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Chip for the new iPhone will be manufactured by TSMC of Taiwan. The transition from 7 – to 5-nanometer production technology, says Cross, will be placed on the silicon crystal 15 billion transistors – more than only the most top-end computers and graphic cards of the server class.

combined with a higher clock speed, 6 gigabytes of RAM and new architectural solutions engineers Apple performance iPhone 12 in games will increase by 50%. “I wouldn’t be surprised if on test 5 in Geekbench multi-core mode it will get 5000 points or so”, says Cross.

“By the way, the fastest Android smartphones score about 3000 points on this test, and evaluation of 5000 would be comparable with 6-core processors desktops or high-performance laptops – the journalist wrote. – A territory of 15-inch MacBook Pro”.

Outlook for iPhone 12 also shared by analysts at Barclays. According to their information, the company will Refine the technology Face ID, making unlocking “face” faster and will be equipped with a camera ToF sensors. 3D sensors are able to calculate the depth and distance of objects will allow to improve the quality of portrait photography, as well as to expand the possibilities of augmented reality.

ToF sensors are already used in some Samsung smartphones. For example, on Galaxy Note 10+ they can be used to capture images of the object and create its 3D model. A copy of the object you can then print on a 3D printer.

Text: To.Hi-tech