The new year will start with the flood:

First, the audience saw the most anticipated film of the year! Moscow hosted the Grand premiere of the blockbuster novel “Invasion”. You will manage the capital with the new alien invasion? Viewers will learn about this soon. In wide release film will be released in the first day of the new year. And while the experience of those who have been fortunate enough to watch the tape.

Surprise the first viewers of the “Invasion” started, that is, from the threshold: a traditional red carpet was replaced by water. Because the painting itself is literally soaked with moisture!

“Huge amount of water — it might even be something of Noah’s story: a world on the brink of sinking,” says the actor Rinal Mukhametov.

Water “Invasion” will cover the capital on the spires of skyscrapers. 2000 shots have drawn animators to get so realistic.

this Fantastic — such a movie “the Invasion” was created by the authors and called his painting not only as a blockbuster of human lives. Great movie, that will be understandable to everyone. Fans of the film “Gravity” will see the familiar world and characters, new audiences — private, self-sufficient picture and a story of struggle, love, forgiveness.

the main character Julia after contact with aliens found unusual abilities, but they can be dangerous. She will have to fight for yourself, your love and the whole world.

“Because the entire drama is built mainly around the character of Julia, already knowing the audience and knowing the number of viewers that loved the movie “Gravity”, of course, a big responsibility that they loved the movie “the Invasion” to the main female role brought him a large audience,” says the actress Irina Starshenbaum.

the Incredible special effects and a twisted dramatic plot await the viewers in the movie. But this is only background to the main topic: as already familiar to us modern technology can become a weapon against humanacesta. “A schedule I don’t see any world cinema. So it is very interesting to see how it works,” says actor Alexander Petrov. But this is only background to the main topic: as already familiar to us modern technology can become a weapon against humanity

“I just tried to compile the details of today and to talk about the time in which we live. All this framed in a great visual attraction, part of which I in life never took off”, explains the idea of the film “the Invasion” by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

large-Scale scenes of destruction peace and love story – “Invasion” does not leave indifferent. “Like no one else did we have,” said the actor, Director and producer Igor Ugolnikov. “I tip my hat to the creators of this film because it’s a feat”, — says Sergey Burunov. “You have to come and watch. I think many will be surprised,” says the actress Ekaterina Vilkova.

Feel aboard alien spacecraft on secular premiere could everyone in the audience. And from the first of January, the chance to see the creators of the picture will appear in every cinephile. Bondarchuk and his team promised to many to call. What cities and cinemas will appear in the favorite of millions of viewers, the artists is still a secret, but it is not only a gift to fans. Especially for fans of the spectacular movie “the Invasion” will be shown in the IMAX format.