The newest trawler

In Baltiysk held the ceremony of raising the Andreevsky flag on the newest ship mine defense “Vladimir Yemelyanov”. Now the minesweeper has officially joined the naval fleet.

In the ranks — the crew of “Vladimir Yemelyanov”, and the command of the Baltic and black sea fleets. Given the team — to raise St. Andrew’s flag, it is flag ship. The ship officially becomes a unit of the Russian Navy.

“Vladimir Yemelyanov” was built was built at the Sredne-Nevsky shipyard. In the Baltic it has successfully demonstrated its seaworthiness and fighting qualities. Including high maneuverability and the ability to detect and destroy the so-called smart mines. For the construction of the hull of the trawler used a composite material. On Board a modern search complex Alexandrite. In addition, the vessel is equipped with an unmanned boat with a robotic control system.

“seagoing minesweeper is an example of efficient implementation of large-scale project for upgrading the Russian Navy,” — said the chief of staff of the Baltic fleet Vladimir Vorobiev.

“After the annexation of Crimea to Russia started the global update of the fleet. When new ships come, for us it is always a holiday”, — said the Deputy commander of the Crimean naval base Paul Yasnitsky.

to Lead the transition of the ship from the Baltic through the lead ship from the Baltic through the Atlantic ocean in Sevastopol will be Dennis case. He was appointed commander of the “Vladimir Yemelyanov”.

“this is my first ship. I’m glad that it came to him. I will try to fulfill all tasks,” says Dennis case.

“Vladimir Yemelyanov” for some time still remain in BaltiISCOM sea. He will participate in the celebration of Victory Day. Then go to the place of permanent basing. It will be the second vessel of this class on the black sea fleet”, — informs GTRK “Kaliningrad” Volodymyr Gladyuk.

Recall that Vladimir Yemelyanov was a Hero of Socialist labor and Director of Sredne-Nevsky shipyard. Later he headed the plant. A. A. Zhdanov (“Northern shipyard”). Now the latest mine sweeper with his name took over the watch on the black sea fleet.

Text: GTRK “Kaliningrad”