The news about the killing of the Iranian General rise in prices caused oil and gold

the Killing of Iranian General was force majeure for the oil market. Quotations of “black gold” in the moment soared more than 4 percent, reaching the highest since September last year.

Later, prices fell back slightly, and after slight correction of the futures on the mark Brent traded in the area of 68,40 USD per barrel. The same positive trend, albeit in a slightly more modest scale, shows the price of WTI. This is not surprising because the main concern of market participants is a possible answer of Teheran to the aggression of Washington.

the Islamic Republic has repeatedly declared its readiness to block the Strait of Hormuz, in this case, the cross fire will get not less than one-fifth of the world production of oil.

the Positive dynamics in the unfolding conflict responded and gold. Per day protective asset has increased in price by more than half percent, once again confirming their reputation as a safe haven investment money.