The number of billionaires in the world rose to a historic high

the Number of billionaires in the world for the first time in history reached 2825 people, and rose 8.5% in 2019, and their wealth has increased by 10.3% to $ 9.4 trillion, according to the report “Census of billionaires” international consulting company Wealth-X. In 2020, the billionaires can become even bigger.

In 2019, the number of billionaires has grown after the recession in the previous year: 5.4% by number and 7% by value of their States. Faster just the number of billionaires appears in China, but in the US they are still the most popular.

the Growth of their wealth was made possible thanks to the financial markets, said the company Wealth-X, a component of a dossier of rich people.

Among the leading regions of North America – it is home to 834 billionaire (+11,2%) by wealth 3.5 trillion dollars (+14%). In second place, Asia — 758 billionaires (+12%) with assets of 2.4 trillion dollars (+11%).

Among the countries leading in the number of U.S. billionaires (788 people) and China (342 people).

Among the cities by the number of billionaires in the first place in the world new York- 113 billionaire with a fortune of $ 1 billion. In second place — Hong Kong (96), the third — San Francisco (77 people).

More than 10% of the world’s billionaires donated to fight COVID-19. According to Forbes magazine, leading the rating of rich people, the number of dollar billionaires in Russia has increased during the pandemic, 102 to 104, and their combined wealth grew from 392 billion to 454 billion dollars.

In 2020, the record number of billionaires can be updated according to the data in the first five months of the current year. A number of industries have suffered — automobile, aerospace, transportation and others. Therefore, the number of billionaires in these sectors is declining but is growing in the food sector, online retail, insurance and healthcare, and other industries. Here, the number of billionaires increases.

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