The number of cases of viral pneumonia in China is increasing every hour

a Growing number of cases of pneumonia of a new type, which causes the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. In China, cases of 9 a.m. Moscow time on 23 January 617 people. Most of the diseases recorded in Hubei province — 444 case. This region has already registered 17 deaths.

32 cases in Guangdong, and 27 in Zhejiang, 16 confirmed cases and 22 suspected be in Shanghai and 14 in Beijing, reports TASS with reference to the Committee on hygiene and public health of the PRC.

a Day earlier, the state Committee reported 570 confirmed cases of infection, 17 of which ended in the death of patients. Coronavirus has already gone beyond the middle Kingdom.

in Total there are 39 species of coronaviruses. Seven of them are dangerous to humans. From the Chinese of Wuhan, where an outbreak of the virus has not been studied, forbidden to travel. The city streets are treated with disinfectants.

In Russia no cases of infection with the novel coronavirus have not been identified.