The number of casualties Wuhan coronavirus grows

In the Chinese city of Wuhan the second recorded case of human death the result of pneumonia caused by infection with coronavirus new. According to local authorities, 69-year-old man fell ill on the last day of last year, and already on 4 January his condition deteriorated sharply. Despite all the efforts the doctors stress, heart problems, renal dysfunction, multiple failures of the internal organs and lungs sick in the night of Wednesday, January 15, he died.

To date, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is 41, of which 12 have already been discharged from hospitals, reports TASS. The condition of five patients is estimated as heavy. Another 119 people are quarantined.

As reported December 31 of the past year, the government of China informed the world health organization on the outbreak in Wuhan city unknown form of pneumonia. The new type of coronavirus was identified by local experts on 7 January. Also cases of infection were reported in Singapore, Thailand and Japan.