The number of infected COVID-19 in the world exceeded 5 million 300 thousand people

the Number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in the world exceeded 5 million 300 thousand, according to the Johns Hopkins University. The morbidity rate continued to increase for the second consecutive week. The worst situation is in the United States and Brazil, which came in second place for number of infected people.

the Ban on entry, ban on travel. Three towns in Lebanon, which became the nidus of coronavirus, was in complete isolation. Authorities imposed a round-the-clock curfew due to a sharp increase in the number of infections in the country.

the Number picked up COVID-19 this week, has increased significantly in India — 44 percent. More than a third of cases was in the Central part of the country. Despite the frightening figures, some unions came out to protest demanding to cancel the restrictive measures.

“Yes, people die from the pandemic, but more people are dying of hunger. They are in a state of distrust, not able to return to their homes because of the lockdown. The tactics of the government failure. We have a right to protest,” — says the participant of the protests Aru Sindhu.

Protests continued in Europe. In particular, the abolition of quarantine measures require workers in Spain and Greece. The situation there is gradually stabiliziruemost, and many EU members have already introduced exemptions.

For a full return to work, some countries have considered the idea of introducing certificates of immunity particularly for those who have found antibodies COVID-19. But the French experts believe that far more effective would be to provide for compulsory regular testing for the coronavirus, for example, once a month.

In Britain, meanwhile, insist that the most effective way is vaccination. At the University of Oxford launched the next phase of testing the drug. This requires about 10 thousand adults and children.

“the First question at this stage of the study, in which we need to find out how well the vaccine RAbot for the elderly. We need a very detailed blood tests in volunteers over the age of 55 years who injected the drug,” explains head of research group University of Oxford Andrew Pollard.

In Mexico, meanwhile, rely on anti-malarial medicines, including advertise Donald trump hydroxychloroquine. The Federal Commission for the protection of sanitary risks formally authorized the Ministry of health its use for the treatment of patients in the early stages of infection. In the country, said a record number of deaths per day — died 479. Funeral services are working without interruption.

“the Demand for our services has doubled, and across the country. Crematoria have to work overtime because of the fact that more people die from coronavirus,” says the employee of the funeral service Armando sepúlveda.

the situation Deteriorated in Brazil — the country came in second in the world in the number of confirmed cases of infection. The quarantine here is considered as an unpopular measure. Moreover, the Brazilian Ministry of human rights plans to seek prison terms for governors that have imposed the restrictive measures.

as for the US, the number picked up the coronavirus COVID-19 there is more than 1 million 645 thousand people. President Donald trump announced that this quarter will donate his salary to the Ministry of health to develop drugs and vaccines against coronavirus. Signed check reporters at a briefing solemnly demonstrated a spokesman for the White house.