The number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia close to 600 thousand

as of Tuesday in Russia revealed almost 600 thousand cases of coronavirus.

According to the operational headquarters, a day in Russia revealed 7 425 cases COVID-19 in 84 regions. Of these, 2 427 (32,7%) without clinical manifestations.

In Moscow, a day identified 1081 cases, 26 deaths, 2578 was discharged after recovery. 504 cases registered in the Moscow region.

the day in Russia killed 153 people, and for the entire period in the country, 8 of 359 people. During the day, the number of deaths increased 1.5 times as before it was 95 people.

the Number of victims of coronavirus in Moscow for the third time turns out to be lower than in St. Petersburg. On Tuesday in St. Petersburg, 35 deceased, Monday — 29, and in Moscow — 20. 16 June in the Northern Capital also more deaths — 54 compared to 52 in Moscow.

the number of new cases decreases — on Monday they were 7600, Sunday — 7700.

For the past day, written 12, 013, and for the entire period — 356 429.

According to the CPS, conducted more than 17.5 million tests for coronavirus, of which the day — 233 thousand, under the supervision of doctors remains 309 000 people.