The offender attacked Petra Kvitova, increased the term

the Court of the Czech Republic increased the sentence for a Radim Sandry, criminal, in December 2016 penetrated into the house tennis players Petra Kvitova and caused her stab wounds. The robber with the potential killer will spend in prison for 8 years, as was decided earlier, and 11.

As previously reported Вести.Ru, two-time Wimbledon champion and former world number two Kvitova received from the assailant stabbed in his working left hand and could lose fingers. Doctors in the result of a four-hour operation was restored the damaged nerves and tendons athletes.

last Spring, Zondra at the hearing did not admit his guilt, but his lawyers appealed against the eight-year verdict. However, the prosecution has filed an appeal against the court verdict, in here the offender received a new and final sentence: 11 years of isolation from society.