The old medicine and high prices: Putin outlined the pain points of the Crimea

What you need to do in order to the price of food and goods in the Crimea are below the yards were clean and comfortable, and the hospitals have enough doctors? These issues were discussed today, January 10, at the meeting with the President, which was held in Yalta. Vladimir Putin noted that in recent years, the Peninsula appeared virtually all the necessary infrastructure, but the changes should feel not only millions of tourists, every local resident.

In anticipation of the President, the Ministers and governors to check the numbers in the reports. In these piles of papers — statistics, and her real life Peninsula over the past five years has changed dramatically. The Grand Crimean bridge, powerful power plants, gas lines and a modern airport — all conditions are ready. Now the desired results.

“it is Clear that it is the most basic, is the Foundation, the basis, without which it is impossible to develop at all. Done a lot, but not everything. Need to work on the problems of water supply, sanitation, over environmental issues, which there seems to be no one at all never was engaged in it” — addressed the audience, Vladimir Putin.

It is a task for the future, but first there was talk of the current indicators. Crimea is breaking all records. Last, in 2019, it was visited by nearly 7.5 million tourists. Soon to reach the resorts of the Peninsula will become even easier.

the Track Tavrida — highway of the future. She opens the to Crimea absolutely new horizons. Modern, comfortable first-class road. And while in some areas the construction is in full swing, others are already speeding cars. The Federal route, but to keep up with her needs and not regional roads. For the qualitative leap necessary to increase the quality of life.

“This is the most simple and urgent issues that people face every day, in fact, in my life.It is the repair of homes, reconstruction ingeneric networks, parks, squares, embankments. It’s not only about the resort tourist areas, and all localities” — said the head of state.

Separate the conversation was about the economy. The investment climate is improving, unemployment is falling, but the price dynamics is unchanged.

“the Main problem people talk about is the normalization of the price of commodities. I note that the opening of regular railway communication should have a positive impact on the supply of the Crimean market, its saturation of high-quality affordable goods. Especially, of course, are counting on this effect after regular opening of the railway freight transport. When we, Yevgeny Ivanovich, the trucks will go? July 1. Here July 1, in the regular regime will be carried by rail transport of goods. Need to the consumer price level corresponded to the level of income of residents of Sevastopol and Crimea,” Putin instructed those present at the meeting.

to reduce prices, you need to modify the existing logistics of cargo transportation. The Crimean authorities already offer. “It will be a major center where you will be supplied food from all over the country. Competition, in our view, will allow food prices to be aligned, at least to avoid speculations during the holiday season,” — said the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

Another sore subject — health. The diagnosis is dire — high-quality and affordable medicine to raise the standard of living is unlikely.

“the Industry is in a deplorable state. Not enough specialists. Buildings and equipment of hospitals, clinics worn. Here we are talking about the same problems across the country as a whole — it’s worse than in Russia as a whole. In the result, there was a bias in favor of paid medicine. It is necessary to eliminate this imbalance, to ensure that every resident of the Crimea and sevasfield quality free medical care at the standards that are adopted in the country”, — said the President.

From two thousand hospitals and clinics in five years, the upgraded 800. Prepares to open the largest in the Crimea, multi-center, and in Sevastopol this year will begin construction of a medical cluster. There will be new infectious diseases hospital. “This year we will have to redesign the hospital to a new area and start its construction,” — said acting Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev.

For each working trip of the Russian President in the Russian Crimea is closely following the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, every time directing in our Ministry of foreign Affairs a note of protest without any reason. There were also reports that “Naftogaz of Ukraine” delivers another lawsuit against Russia in international court. And all because of Crimea. This was a question to the Deputy Prime Minister. “This is probably an old story, the question that the relevant agreements with Ukraine is not resolved. We have not considered in order to solve the main problem of gas transit through Ukraine. We do not yet have any indication that there is intention to refuse the execution of these agreements. The energy security of European consumers, is why hardly anyone dares willfully, treacherously to abandon these agreements,” — said Dmitry Kozak.

following the meeting, from the Crimea and Sevastopol are now waiting for high performance. But not for statistics — for the people.