The opening of the beaches, hotels and cafes of the resort town woke up

the Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev announced the strengthening of control on the entry of the other subjects, but abolished the pass within the region. That is, travelers are checked at the entrance and rest. The more that the right to receive visitors got hotels up to 50 rooms. What you should know tourists in Gelendzhik and its surroundings?

the City beaches of Gelendzhik was officially opened. They have not had time to dry after the morning thunderstorms, and they are already housed hundreds of tourists. For Spa towns remain in the past is completely filled beaches, thousands of people on the promenade, water attractions and the voices café. Today’s stay — calm and measured, with the observance of a safe distance. And after each guest loungers will undergo sanitation. The beach was already dotted umbrellas. The bathing area checked by divers.

“We will put all forces, all the possibilities in order to best organize and meet the guests,” said Andrew Grishay, administrator of the beach.

In the dining room from each other and moved the tables — for the observance of a safe distance. Despite the fact that running a hotel with compliance with the new requirements cost hoteliers dearly, the price of a promise to keep the level of last year.

“we are Very glad that the opportunity came to open up. Reservations are very active,” said the hotel Anna Ryabinina.

Slowly but surely the resorts are still recognizable. Parks and promenades filled with fans to walk and cycle. Earned museums, however, is by appointment. Drivers after 2 months of riding on special permits began to move between cities and regions freely.

From the sun it is now possible to hide on the terrace — outdoor cafes and restaurants opened. City for the first time in recent years later — in June — includingwhether the fountains.

the Resort town awake. For the time that the Krasnodar region was quarantined, I arrived almost half a million tourists. A postponed booking for July. So next month, the resorts are waiting for the usual summer peak.