The operator GTS of Ukraine responded to the data on the transit

the Company “the Operator of Ukraine’s GTS” receives payment for the transit of Russian gas in full, despite the reduction from 1 January. As it became known, the first day of 2020 the volume of transit of Russian gas through Ukraine dropped by 5.3 times, compared to averages of December.

In December, the average daily volume of pumping Russian gas through Ukraine amounted to 261 million cubic meters, reports RIA Novosti. On the last day of 2019 through the Ukrainian GTS has pumped 220,05 million cubic meters of gas, but on 1 January this figure was only 49.3 million cubic meters of gas, and on January 2, transit volumes decreased to 38.8 million cubic meters.

nevertheless, as reported in “Facebook” the head “of the Operator GTS of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon, the company receives a fee for transit entirely from the calculation of 178 million cubic meters per day. The funds are already in the accounts of the company, as the services are rendered on the principle of prepayment.

on 20 December last year, Russia and Ukraine signed a Protocol on gas cooperation, by which the Ukrainian “Naftogaz” will reserve the capacity to transport 65 billion cubic meters of gas in 2020 and 40 billion cubic meters in the years 2021-2024. On the evening of 30 December, Russia and Ukraine after five days of talks, signed a package of documents ensuring the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine on 1 January.

the First of January Sergey Makogon said that the first night of operation “the Operator GTS of Ukraine” has passed in a regular mode, worked out all the nominations for performance of the contract on transit.

Later, the company noted that in connection with small volumes of transit from the beginning of the Ukrainian gas transportation system operates partially in reverse mode, adding that prior investment in training the reverse scheme of the CTA of the country justified.