The order of the Pirogov medal and Luke of Crimea: description of awards

Russia has established two new state award — the order of the Pirogov medal and Luke of Crimea. The corresponding decree was signed by Vladimir Putin.

Awards will be presented to Russian and foreign doctors, and also volunteers for his services in the suppression of epidemics, the development of treatments and medicines, for their contribution to the organization of medical care and saving the lives of patients.

Luke the Crimean Medal, named after Russian and Soviet surgeon, scientist, author of books on anesthesiology and purulent surgery, as well as religious figure.

Awarded to the doctors, middle and Junior medical staff for the contribution to the provision of medical care, strengthening public health, providing the population with quality medicines. Also this award will be given for the production of innovative medicines, medical personnel training, scientific activities. The medal may be assigned, including foreign nationals.

the medal depicts the portrait of Luke of Crimea. On its reverse side the olive branch and “the Cup of Hippocrates”, entwined with a snake, and the inscription “For devotion to duty and strength of spirit.”

the order of the Pirogov named after the Russian physician and scientist, the founder of military field surgery, founder of the Russian school of anaesthesia.

This prize is awarded for the provision of medical care in the conditions, interfaced to risk for life — during outbreaks of hostilities and other emergencies. Also, the order will be assigned for special merits in medical Sciences, the development and testing of new drugs and treatment methods. In addition, the award will be given for the development of volunteering. The order can be awarded to foreigners. Perhaps a posthumous award.
On the face of the order-portrait of Nikolai Pirogov, on the reverse — the inscription: “Charity, duty, dedication”. In most cases the order will be given to those who already have other Russian state awards, the TV channel “Russia 24”.